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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my pet onboard?

A: Unfortunately we do not allow pets onboard anymore. Pets are welcome on the pier only. 

Q: What is the dress code? Is it formal?

A: We’re casual, the dress code is informal and laid back.  Think Key West or Cape Cod.

Q: What is the atmosphere?

A: We’d like you to feel like you escaped the chaos of Manhattan for a mini get away. The North River Lobster Company is casual, fun and perfect for happy hour or just clearing your mind and filling your stomach.

Q: Is this a table service restaurant?

A: No. We are a leisurely sit and go lobster shack—on a boat. There is no table service. You place your order with the bartender and are given a number. When your food is up, a food runner will promptly bring you your food. You can feel free to order again and again, and we hope you do!

Q: How do I know your offerings?

A: There are menu boards throughout the boat, and menus available both online and at the pier. You can view our menu here

Q: Do I need reservations?

A: No. At this time we are not taking any reservations.

Q: Do you only offer seafood?

A: No. Though our menu is predominantly seafood, there are other items on the menu, like our delicious North River Burger. We highly recommend it!  Also, the fries---ohhhhh, the fries.

Q: Do I only have a half hour to eat?

A: No, please take your time and relax. Our kitchen is open and operating on board from 11:30am to 11pm. While we do take half-hour jaunts around the Hudson River, you are welcome to stay on board for as long as you wish before and after the sailing.

Q: I came to North River Lobster Company and it was closed. Why?

A: Just like other restaurants sometimes we close for private affairs. When the restaurant is booked ahead of time, we will keep our patrons abreast of the dates. The sailing schedule on our website provides the most up-to-date information.

Q: Do you have to be a certain age to go to North River Lobster Company?

A: We welcome customers of all ages, we have a kid's menu.

Q: Can I book a party on the boat?

A: Absolutely! Please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: Do I pay extra to sail?

A: No. Sailing is all part of the fun! Click here for the current sailing schedule.

Q: How many people fit on the boat?

A: We can fit 450 people on the boat, spanning our three decks.

Q: Does it have an outdoor deck?

A: We have three!  We have a floating rooftop and extended outdoor deck space on each level.  On top of that—we have an aft facing balcony on the stern for folks who want to see their troubles float away behind them.

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